Ser Leonax Mithrallion (Dead)

"I just want people to treat me equally! Now come along servants."


Standing at roughly six feet ’’Leon’’ has pale skin and a healthy body. His eyes are pink, which he himself are immensely proud of. His hair is of a clear cyan color, he takes good care of his combing it and such in the morning. His teeth are also of prime health, white pearls as his mother used to say. He has a gentle smile almost all the time, but he emits a air that display his blue blood. He does however dislike wearing casual clothing as opposed to purple silk and the likes.


Leonax Mithrallion was the son of Baron Draker Mithrallion who was a revered swordsman in his youth before he retired purchasing himself title and land and settled down. Leonax would seem to be born into a life of luxury, if it was not for the fact he was born on the night of a eclipse. Many called it a bad omen, shunning him and refusing to play with him as a child. This deeply troubled Leonax, but he noticed how friends of his father and mother always seemed to take an interest in him. For his odd hair and eye color he thought himself. It took him not long until a scholar visited his household to see if he was a pure blood Azlanti, the scholar was unsure as it was some fairly distinct features about him and he required more study of the child which Draker forbid fearing for his son’s safety. However this was not the cause, but it led to him socializing mostly with other nobles and elder people. Over the years Leonax learned of why they were so friendly with him ‘’political connections’’. He hated himself for not realizing it until so much later. But one day a little girl had come into the castle with the mansions cook. The little girl seemed to not care for his status and only his hair which she found pretty. He took a liking to this. Being treated as a normal man (What he considered to be a normal man) and swore he would do anything in his power to make everyone like him and treat him as a equal. But sadly all his years with nobles and such had left him sort of alienated from the common folk which he sadly is not very keen on picking up. Now he travels the world with some necessities given by his father who were overjoyed his son also picked up adventuring. Leonax has only one goal now. Find friends who treats him right. And protect them to the end.

Ser Leonax Mithrallion (Dead)

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